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Resisting Attacks on Immigrants

In response to numerous measures made by President Trump and his administration, notably the Executive Order many are calling a Muslim ban, Local Progress members have been standing at the forefront of the resistance. This included Alderwoman Megan Green (St. Louis), Councilmember at-Large Helen Gym (Philadelphia), Aldermen Carlos Rosa-Ramirez and John Arena (Chicago), Councilmember Greg Casar (Austin), Judge Clay Jenkins (Dallas), and members of the New York City Progressive Caucus, all of whom joined students, community members, and fellow elected officials in protesting in airports across the country. Alderwoman Green stated that these are “steps we need to be willing to take, along with cities across the country, in order to show resistance to some of these executive orders”


Protests at the St. Louis Airport. Credit: Megan Magray.

These airport protests coincided with efforts to strengthen, reiterate, and pass policies to limit local law enforcement’s cooperation with federal immigration authorities. Cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Boulder, and Santa Fe are organizing to protect their communities against federal intrusion. School Districts in St. Paul, Pittsburgh, Rochester, and Montebello, among others, are passing safe district policies to prevent cooperation with federal authorities to help students feel safe in their learning environments.


In the final days of the Obama Administration, more than 50 Local Progress members had signed a letter urging former President Obama to pardon immigrants who are here under DACA.


This fight will not be easy – some of our members are even facing threats of being unseated by state authorities that seek to undermine local democracy – but if we stand together we can fight unconstitutional threats.


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