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Members Stand Against Hate and Anti-Muslim Bigotry

The American Leaders Against Hate and Anti-Muslim Bigotry Campaign is going strong. More than 500 elected officials signed on to our open letter against hate and now communities are passing resolutions against hate and anti-Muslim bigotry as the second phase of the campaign. Currently we have 40 jurisdictions that have introduced or are introducing resolutions at both city council andschool board levels. The jurisdictions represent many regions of the nation, from New York, NY and West Hollywood, CA, to Austin, TX, Miami, FL, and Baltimore, MD. We also have several members who are authoring op-eds to publish in local papers on behalf of the campaign. Here is an op-ed from County Legislator William Reinhardt in Albany County, NY and another from Councilmember Abdi Warsame in Minneapolis, MN. Members have gotten great local press coverage in Columbus, OH, Austin, TX, New Orleans, LA and Illinois.

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