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Local Progress: 2016 National Policy Platform

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This summer the members of Local Progress are coming together for our fifth annual national convening. We are united by our commitment to shared prosperity, livable and sustainable communities, equal justice under the law, and good government that services the public interest. As representatives elected into local office, we see first-hand how government decisions affect the lives of our communities.

We fiercely love our cities, towns and counties and share a vision of local communities that are inclusive, equitable, livable, sustainable, and just. Unfortunately, that vision is threatened by crises we witness daily: growing economic inequality, rising sea levels and other environmental injustices, police brutality, displacement and a lack of access to affordable housing, insufficient funding for infrastructure and public services, and the vilification of African-Americans, immigrants and refugees, LGBTQ communities and Muslim-Americans.

Local Progress members across the country are creating innovative policies to address these challenges. However, in order to realize this vision, local officials must have help from Washington DC. The devastation wrought by the water crisis in Flint brought national attention to a reality that is being felt in communities across the country: localities are starved of the resources and supports needed to provide crucial services for our residents, and especially for low-income families and communities of color. As public servants, we believe in the power of government to improve lives in our communities. However too often federal and state governments are an obstacle, not an aid, to advancing local policies and programs that address these urgent issues.

This election year, as we witness hatred and xenophobia being marshalled in support of a reactionary national agenda, we stand together in support of a different vision for making America great: economic inclusion, racial equity, sustainable communities, and justice for all. We believe that the Federal Government can and must play a central role in supporting localities’ efforts to create a more just and equitable society. This is our vision for that collaboration.

Read the full platform here.

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